We will design your digital strategy and
implement it successfully.


We will design your digital strategy and implement it successfully.

Together with you, we will develop a digital strategy that makes you fit for the market of the future.

For us, digital transformation means more than just digitalising analogue processes. More than just sending electronic invoices or digitally processing customer data. Digitally transforming a company means rethinking the company from the ground up: developing new products and services, reaching new target groups and finding new ways of working together.

To stay successful in the future, your company needs a comprehensive digital strategy as well as a digital business model that extends and complements your current offering. This is where we, as AXXCON, come into play.

We can support you in optimising your existing business models and in developing new ones. This will present new growth opportunities for your company.

Digital Strategy

We will consolidate, plan and manage the implementation of your digital transformation.

Digital Platform

We will design your digital solution architecture.

Digital Processes

We will analyse and optimise your process landscape and make it fit for the digitalisation.

Tackling Digital Transformation Holistically

For the digital transformation to succeed, several factors must be aligned: the vision as well as the implementation, the skills of the employees as well as their motivation. Accordingly, digital transformation is a top management issue.

Together, we will develop your personal digital strategy and outline the roadmap for your path. We then support you in implementing the necessary measures. We coordinate individual transformation projects, manage specialists, and provide your employees with the necessary knowledge to unlock the potential of digitalisation.

As external consultants, we bring an unbiased view into your business, considering the impact of every change on the entire organisation. We ensure that your employees are involved and enthusiastic about the transformation process, as their commitment is critical to the success of the change.

Change processes can cause uncertainty and anxiety among employees. These need to be managed. We help you communicate the planned changes and actively involve your employees in the organisational transformation.

Digital Strategy

In today’s business landscape each unit within a company, such as marketing, sales, IT or digital production, requires bespoke digital strategies. At AXXCON we offer tailored digital business strategy consulting services to align your company’s vision and mission with a comprehensive digital roadmap.

An effective roadmap and action plan, customised to your unique needs, is crucial to achieving success. Our experienced digital transformation team will collaborate with you to identify the ideal cost-effective measures and implementation projects.

Our team of consultants possesses extensive experience in digital transformation and offers an impartial perspective from the outside. Before recommending any action, we conduct a thorough assessment of your digital strategy and business model to ensure a cohesive fit. Furthermore, we are happy to collaborate with other partners to support your digital initiatives.

Your company’s digital strategy sets the baseline for all business areas, including individual departments and cross-functional areas such as HR, procurement, and IT. On the other hand, all departments must work together to define a viable strategy. Therefore, we bring all involved and required departments together at one table. In collaboration with your and our industry experts, while using design thinking and innovation methods, we jointly design feasible business models of the future. In doing so, we will address the following questions:


• How will your business change in the future?

• How can current business models be optimised and expanded using new technologies?

• Are there new technologies that enable a certain business model?

• What is the market doing and in which direction is the competition going?


Based on our many years of experience combined with the necessary methodological knowledge, we support our clients in implementing the digital transformation roadmap through effective transformation management and control. We rely on the seniority of our employees and their many years of experience in comparable transformations.

• Review and enhancement of the existing digital strategy, taking into account an external perspective, potential dependencies, and best practice approaches

• Definition of a new digital corporate strategy, if one has not yet been established

• Development of a transformation roadmap that includes all components of a digital strategy and their dependencies

• Creation of a cost-benefit analysis for each digital business initiative, considering all dependencies on the digital roadmap

• Establishment of a digital transformation office as a governing and coordinating body for activities and projects related to digitalisation within the company

• Implementation of the roadmap within the expected cost-benefit analysis, as well as monitoring and ensuring the business case

• Management of external service providers and the partner ecosystem.

Digital Platform

Digital transformation changes not only your processes, products and services, but also your IT landscape, architecture and the way you procure and integrate IT services. All this needs to be aligned with the needs of your current digital business model and provide room for growth. This requires a coordinated and strategic approach.

We can help you derive the architecture of your future IT platform from the requirements of your digital business model. Additionally, we will build the technology layer necessary for the operation and development of IT, as well as the interface to your other IT systems. We ensure that internal interfaces communicate with each other, allowing you to gradually digitise different areas as desired.

We work closely with our clients to determine the ideal digital platform for their core value streams. To achieve this, we compare potential solutions on the market and select the optimal platform that satisfies every need. Our selection process is based on the required functionalities, costs for procurement and operational management, complexity, as well as other factors such as strategic fit, security, and more. We also ensure that the chosen digital platform is integrated into the existing IT architecture and, that the necessary measures are put in place to facilitate this integration.

In most cases, operating a digital platform differs from a traditional IT solution. This begins with a specific partner ecosystem and extends from adapted processes for development and operation to the need for employees with specific knowledge and skills. Cloud management platforms for controlling and automating hybrid IT landscapes are just as important as designing secure and functional cloud landing zones for modern forms of agile collaboration across organisational silos. We support you in defining and implementing the operational management of your digital platform, and we take your employees from both the business and IT departments with us on this journey.

Digital Processes

As part of a holistic approach to digital transformation, many processes within an organisation are questioned, because they no longer reflect what is possible, because people are suddenly collaborating across organisational boundaries, or because everything should run more efficiently. Finding solutions requires entirely new approaches and ways of thinking.

The connections become more complex and the processes more intricate. This requires a structured approach to identify the processes for which optimisation offers the greatest possible value.

AXXCON can help you maintain your orientation, realise your process improvements, and bring your employees along on the journey. Our consultants will accompany you in all phases, from selecting suitable candidates for process digitalisation to operationalising improved digital processes.

The digital transformation leaves its mark on every company, especially within the process landscape. We can provide orientation by examining the process landscape and assess suitable candidates for optimisation.

Current business processes are often developed and adapted over time, growing alongside the company. However, this can lead to inefficiencies or problems that require increased resource usage for compensation. The fact that almost no process remains within internal organisational boundaries makes optimisation even more challenging without an external perspective that can oversee the entire process. A holistic approach to business processes enables the identification and resolution of inefficiencies and problems. We can support you in capturing current-state processes using modern, creative approaches, and identify optimisation opportunities. If required, we can also compare the status quo with modern process optimisation and automation opportunities.

In our eyes, Identifying the potential for optimisation and identifying necessary actions are only the beginning of a transformation. It is important to implement these changes and sustainably anchor them in the company. Together with your experts and our interdisciplinary teams, we can support the implementation of planned changes in your organisation. We would be happy to provide examples of our expertise in process transformation for processes such as:
… (IT) demand management
… e-learning
… digital order processing

Many business applications have evolved over the past years, while various new companies and approaches have emerged to digitise and automate business processes. We can help you identify potentials in your current system landscape and evaluate complementary approaches that can take your landscape to the next level in terms of process automation.

Together, we will develop a digital strategy
that makes you fit for the market of the future.

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