IT Transformation

We will optimise your IT and make you fit for the future.

IT Transformation

We will optimise your IT and make you fit for the future.

To succeed in the markets of the future, a well-functioning and powerful IT is essential. Thus, transforming the IT function is necessary to successfully transform a business.

This transformation of IT is a strategic decision: your IT must enable digital business models, be cost-effective, and allow for flexible growth to ensure that IT processes run efficiently and smoothly. It is therefore important to develop the right IT strategy and set the right goals.

It must be considered which IT services to keep in-house and which to outsource. In this day and age, there are many cloud applications and service providers that can help you keep your IT infrastructure lean. However, the more you outsource, the more dependent your business becomes on external service providers. So, what is the right strategy for your IT? What is the right strategy for your sourcing?

When considering this question, it is worthwhile to include an external perspective. Our consultants are here to help you transform and rebuild your IT. Each one of them has extensive experience in IT transformation, with many coming directly from the IT industry.

We understand the big picture, have a strategic view, and operational expertise. We also offer independent and neutral advice. We work with you to develop the right focus and actions for your business and help you to implement them.

IT of the Future

Making the corporate IT fit for future tasks.

IT Sourcing 2.0

Change in IT by adjusting the vertical range of manufacture.

Project Excellence

The way to an efficient project management organisation.

IT Health Check

We will check your business IT with the help of an IT health check.

Planning IT transformation strategically

To optimise your IT, we draw on our extensive experience, including operational experience, from numerous successful projects. Our consultants have planned and implemented IT transformation for many companies and organisations. They have developed IT business models, supported (out)sourcing projects and successfully managed large projects and programmes.

IT of the Future

We keep your IT performing and competitive. The decisions you make for the IT function have an impact on your entire business. That is why forward-thinking planning is critical. After the transformation, your IT should not only meet today’s business needs, but also be flexible enough to accommodate future growth.


That’s where we come in: We work with you to analyse the roles and tasks your IT needs to fulfil in order to best support your current and future business objectives. We then comprehensively define all requirements and design the organisational and operational model for your future IT. We use the IT Target Operating Model to do this.

Expectations of what business IT should deliver are changing rapidly. Last year’s breakthrough innovations are now considered standard. Thus, it’s important to think several steps ahead in an IT transformation to ensure that IT becomes an enabler for your business.


A well-designed IT strategy enables your business to access new markets, channels, and customers. It allows you to develop and distribute new products cost-effectively, quickly, and flexibly, while maintaining the highest standards of security, compliance, stability, and performance.

IT Sourcing 2.0

We transform your IT by adjusting the level of in-house production to achieve a balanced mix of cost efficiency and core competence. We analyse your existing sourcing and develop a strategy to support your transformation.


For your IT to be as efficient as possible, a mix of internal and external services is typically required. The question that arises during the planning process is: what can be outsourced and what should be kept in-house? As independent consultants, we focus not only on IT processes during your IT transformation, but also on your overall business objectives. This enables us to find the optimal balance between performance and cost, between outsourcing and in-house service delivery.


Based on and in line with your IT strategy, we strengthen the depth of your internal IT production. We find the right service providers for you, negotiate contracts and agreements with them, and steer them in the desired direction. In short, we manage the entire (out)sourcing process to ensure you get the best deal and performance.

Should IT processes be outsourced or developed in-house? This question accompanies every strategic decision in IT transformation. It is important to weigh up various aspects, including cost, flexibility, privacy, and data security.


There are many reasons to consider outsourcing as part of an IT transformation. For smaller companies in particular, outsourcing can be more cost-effective than maintaining in-house expertise. External service providers can sometimes make it possible to digitise processes or improve their quality.


On the other hand, there are negative aspects to consider: lack of communication or misunderstandings, unmet or inadequately met requirements, lack of innovation, error-prone IT processes, and business cases that don’t add up.

Project Excellence

It is possible to evelop a robust project management approach and successfully manage a hybrid project portfolio. Our consultants can help you optimise your project portfolio and project management organisation as well as make your governance and decision-making processes more effective. We work with you to define the right projects for you and, where appropriate, implement them to increase the success rate of your project portfolio and, consequently, your return on investment.


One of the biggest projects when doing this is the IT transformation itself, which requires excellent project management during implementation. By taking over the project coordination, we reduce your workload and ensure a smooth execution.


You benefit from our experience in managing IT transformation projects. The more experienced the managers of a project, the greater the likelihood of leading the project to its optimal conclusion – and not just achieving partial goals.

Almost every organisation is involved in project management. However, despite years of experience, standardised project management methodologies and agile practices, in practice only about 50 percent of projects fully achieve their defined objectives. So the question is: does your current project success rate meet your expectations?


We transform organisations into high-performing project management functions that significantly increase the success rate of your projects. A comprehensive project management approach often helps you achieve your project goals more often, allowing you to realise the qualitative and financial potential of your projects to a much greater extent. On average, 20 to 30 percent, and in some cases up to 50 percent more impact can be achieved.

IT Health Check

Are you focusing on the right priorities, both in day-to-day operations and in your projects? Is your organisation well-structured and do your IT systems support your business processes optimally? An IT Health Check can help you find out.


With an IT Health Check, we examine your company’s IT for weak points, scrutinise your IT processes and uncover optimisation potential. We look at both your IT and your business, so that you can continue to serve your customers in the best possible way.


We identify weaknesses and hidden risks in your current IT organisation, IT processes and IT system landscape. This enables us to identify opportunities and areas for improvement, and to derive concrete optimisation measures. We then work in close collaboration with you to develop a clear action plan for the future development of your business IT.

By optmising your IT, you benefit from our many years of experience from numerous successful projects.

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