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Joachim Richter
Areas of specialisation

International project- and program management
Service Delivery and Service Engineering


IT services

As a consultant

Joachim has been with AXXCON since 2012. He has more than 20 years international experience in the industry, almost exclusively in management positions. Responsible for numerous transformation projects in the fields of energy supply and telecommunications. Extensive experience in complex management and project tasks.

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and as a person

It could be said that he is a man with impeccable timing. As a trained jazz musician, he always finds the right tone and subtle nuances. Never misses a cue.

What his colleagues say about Joachim

Highly qualified leader and action-oriented. Convincing, motivating and even authoritarian if necessary.


Previous positions

Vectriz International AG, CEO
AT&T, Regional Manager Technology & Control EMEA
AT&T, IT Site Manager Germany

Studied Computer Sciences, Psychology and Musicology in Giessen and Marburg