Roland Behr
Associate Partner
Areas of specialisation

IT sourcing
IT strategy and governance
IT services
Application development ERP systems


Trade & Logistics
Financial Services
IT Services
Energy suppliers

As a consultant

Roland has been with AXXCON since 2019. He has more than 25 years of professional experience in IT, including 22 years as an IT consultant in medium-sized companies and large organisations. As an IT generalist, with a focus on IT sourcing consulting, he provides strategic C-level consulting and takes over the management and responsibility for the implementation of strategic projects.

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Roland Behr Privat_sw
and as a person

He loves nature and especially the mountains, whether on skis or with crampons. Being outdoor - preferably with his family - gives him strength and the necessary distance to the unimportant.

What his colleagues say about Roland

Appears as a convincing and pragmatic person and immediately gets to know new and difficult customer and project environments.

Previous positions

PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Senior Manager
Compass Deutschland GmbH (now ISG), Principal Consultant
Heyde AG, Senior Consultant, Project Manager Software Development and Integration