Thomas Gondorf
Associate Partner
Areas of specialisation

IT architecture
IT strategy
IT operations
IT project and program management
Lean and agile transformation
Process and system optimisation


IT services

As a consultant

Thomas has been with AXXCON since 2018. More than 15 years of professional experience in various IT disciplines and roles. Responsible for numerous integration and consolidation projects as well as operational and strategic IT operations.

IMG_1157_F_Thomas Gondorf_Website_Beraterfoto
and as a person

Sticks to his principles of teamwork, continuous improvement and innovative technology even when diving through wrecks in the oceans or in flooded caves and mines.

What his colleagues say about Thomas

He loves the details without losing sight of the goal and the progress of the project!

Previous positions

IT Quality-/Project Manager, Deputy Head of Business Support IT, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH
Data Centre Services Lead, Service Delivery Manager, Senior Architect, RWE IT GmbH
Head of Development, Member of the executive board, Senior Project Lead, BNS GmbH
Project Lead, Senior Developer, BNS Software AG