Strategy &
Mobility Benchmark

Together with you, we develop and design your mobility concept.

Strategy & Mobility Benchmark ​

Together with you, we develop and design your mobility concept.

The mobility revolution is both an ecological imperative and a social necessity.

AXXCON is positioning itself as your strategic partner to shape this transition efficiently and sustainably.

In the face of climate change and the goal of a sustainable transport transition, municipalities and municipal utilities are faced with the challenge of proactively shaping the mobility transition. The electrification of transport, driven by advancing digitalisation and increased technology availability, offers the opportunity to implement sustainable mobility solutions. This development is supported by government funding programmes, which increases the pressure to adapt existing structures promptly and become active as a local energy supplier.

Municipal utilities in particular run the risk of being overtaken by established mobility providers if they do not act quickly and develop their own mobility concepts. This requires quick decision-making and the development of efficient electromobility strategies. Many local authorities and municipal utilities are better positioned for this transformation than they might think. They have untapped potential that needs to be recognised and exploited in order to play a leading role in the mobility transition.

Our approach

Using the AXXCON benchmark method, which is based on a special evaluation scheme, we determine the “mobility quotient” of your municipality in the area of mobility concepts and thus position you in the competitive environment. In an interactive workshop, we work with you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your existing mobility transition initiatives, including the design and implementation of your mobility concepts.

AXXCON is at your side to design and jointly implement a customised action plan specifically for the mobility sector. Our strategy is based on a sound practice-orientated approach in which we take into account current trends, local and regional circumstances and political changes. This enables us to optimally support you in realising your ambitions in the field of electromobility and significantly improving your mobility quotient.

Your benefits

  • Analysing the status quo of your mobility solution

  • Comprehensive and in-depth insights into the individual mobility areas:
    • Micro mobility
    • Public transport
    • Sharing models
    • Micrologistics
    • Platforms
    • Charging & parking infrastructure

  • Development of a roadmap for a customised and comprehensive mobility strategy

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