Rethink SIT – AXXCON supports Soluvia in its company-wide transformation

In 2020, we started the conceptual phase of the ‘Rethink SIT’ project for the strategic realignment of Soluvia IT Services. Meanwhile, we have advanced to the middle of the implementation phase.

Soluvia IT-Services GmbH (SIT) is the exclusive IT business partner of the MVV Group. Founded in 2006 as a shared services company, nowadays around 190 employees provide customised IT services for the entire MVV Group.


The aim of the ‘ReThink SIT’ reorganisation proramme is to reposition Soluvia IT-Services GmbH (SIT) within the MVV Group in a new and forward-looking way in order to jointly shape the digital future of the parent companies.


In the past, the focus was on different objectives. In addition to this, SIT is very traditional in its day-to-day activities and has only taken an active role in the development of future topics in partial areas. With ‘ReThink SIT’, the value contribution of SIT is to be increased and SIT is to be established as a driver of digitalisation within the MVV Group.


  • Transformation of SIT’s IT services on the basis of a transparent and uniform product and service catalogue.
  • Establishing the self-concept – a driver of digitalisation – and increasing flexibility through the development of the organisational structure and processes.
  • Promoting agile methods within SIT to increase speed and flexibility.
  • Developing a change strategy to inform and involve employees. Developing cultural development measures.
  • Transforming the organisational structure into a modern matrix organisation.

‘The collaboration with AXXCON is characterised by professionalism and trust. And more importantly, it's also a lot of fun!’

Our Approach

To manage the change at SIT, a hybrid agile project management approach was used. The team was divided into workstreams to facilitate the transition to the agile methodology.

Throughout the concept phase, the different workstreams contributed to the sound development of the target picture. Workshops were held with both SIT staff and client representatives from the parent companies. In addition to the SIT vision, the change story for the change and a communication and training concept were developed.

Finally, the results of the individual work streams were brought together and the final concept was developed.

Methodology used

The project was conducted almost entirely remotely. The agile process model used was Scrum. In this way, agile working was directly embedded in SIT.

The following mix of methods and fields of work was used to develop a well-founded picture of the target: Benchmarking, stakeholder survey, risk analysis, product and service catalogue, structure and process organisation, vision and mission, corporate values, culture monitor.


  • Transparent product, performance and service catalogue based on a customer-centric co-creation approach
  • Development of a roadmap for the further implementation of the developed concept.
  • Formulated vision, mission and values as well as a change story for the desired cultural change.
  • Coordinated target images for service delivery and structural and process organisation.
  • Communication and training concept for the implementation phase.
  • “The cooperation with AXXCON is characterised by professionalism and trust. And what is even more important: it’s also a lot of fun”, says Philipp Lutz from Soluvia IT-Services GmbH.

Benefits for the client

  • The client received a comprehensive concept of how the SIT of the future should look like in order to meet the demands of a digital world.
  • A sustainable organisational structure as well as change measures for the participation and involvement of SIT employees.
  • By involving all relevant stakeholders and employees at an early stage, acceptance of the new direction was increased.