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We will optimise organisational structures sustainably.

Organisational development & change management​

We will optimise organisational structures sustainably.

Markets and production conditions are changing. Digitalisation requires to adopt new business, management and work models.

When merging with another company, different corporate cultures collide. There are many reasons that make organisational transformation necessary.

No matter why you are looking to initiate a corporate change: Organisational transformation is a process that means fundamental changes for everyone within the company. It’s a process that not only changes the way of working, but also the way of thinking. It questions hierarchies and decision-making paths, breaks up familiar practices and ultimately releases potential.

AXXCON will support you within this change process. Our cross-functional teams combine know-how and experience from a wide range of areas, from technical issues to all aspects of collaboration. We offer the necessary expertise in organisational development as well as the perspective from the outside; we act pragmatically and in a solution-oriented manner.

Organisational Development

We help you with your organisational development in a goal-oriented way.

Cultural Development

Your corporate culture makes the difference.

Change Management

We mobilise people for change.

Strategic Personnel Development

Because employees are our greatest asset.

Organisational Development

Digitalisation, automation, new work – companies are challenged to constantly adapt to a rapidly changing world. Is your company able to cope with the changes? Do your structures fit the new ways of working? Are your decision-making channels efficient enough to keep up with current challenges?

Target-oriented corporate change takes a lot of effort. Purposeful corporate change is anything but easy. In fact, the opposite is true: organisational development is hard work. That’s why it is essential to involve those who are affected. Managers and employees need to understand why change is necessary, understand its goal and work together as a team in order to achieve it.

To make your organsational transformation successful, we look at all levels of your organisation, consider where you are coming from and where you want to go. We identify your strengths and your pain points, and we formulate the narrative for the transformation as well as the most fitting communication activities with you.

Cultural Development

The culture of an organisation becomes visible in the communication and behavior of its employees. It affects how they interact with each other as well as how they deal with customers and suppliers.

Your corporate culture may prevent you from achieving your goal of organisational transformation. Therefore, it is important to examine on which core values your decisions are built on. Does your focus remain more functional or process- and service-oriented?

The culture of your company cannot be changed by instruction or from the outside. It requires strategies which actively involve your employees in the process and create the framework for implementing the necessary changes step by step. Using target-group-oriented communication formats and workshops for co-design and coaching, our approach enables you to experience the added value of organisational transformation – and thereby anchoring a new mindset.

Change Management

Are you planning a specific change and wonder how you can actively involve your employees within the process? Are you already in the process of transforming your organisation, but your workforce is slowing down the change?

In order to sustainably anchor change within the company, all stakeholders – from management level to operational employees – need to understand the purpose, benefit and scope of corporate change. In other words, all stakeholders are aware of the change story and the change impact and work together.

Therefore, transparent and comprehensible communication is required, to encourage and motivate all involved parties. We will develop the framework for your organisational transformation as well as the schedule for your communications.

Strategic Personnel Development

The transformation of your organisation affects your employees: both their skills and the required number of employees. What roles do you need in your new organisational structure? Do your employees have the necessary skills to fulfil these? How do you embed a desire for continuous learning and diversity in your organisation? And how do you deal with the skill gap?

Together we analyse which competencies and talents your employees bring to their jobs, and which skills are missing to cope with future challenges. In addition, we analyse the potential as well as the required development needs of your workforce to develop structures and instruments to reach their full potential.

Organisational Transformation: A process concerning all levels

Transforming a company is a complex process and requires a comprehensive view of change. We look at the following dimensions in your organisational transformation:

Understanding the purpose of the transformation is essential for the acceptance. Together with you, we will develop the purpose for your organisational change.

Mindset is the key to make your organisation fit for the future, we help you to actively develop behavior and cultural patterns.

In order to manage change, we will support you and your leadership team to deal with the requirements of modern leadership and to continuously improve.

Organisational transformation means rethinking processes and structures. Together, we optimise your processes to make sure you are prepared for future challenges.

Sustainable business change starts with empowering people. We will help you to activate the potential of your employees and to develop their competencies.

We are the experts for organisational development –
you are the experts for your company.

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