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IT strategies and cloud sourcing in the course of digital transformation

The market for IT sourcing consulting in Germany

The subject of this year’s Lünendonk Study, which was created with the help of AXXCON and Affinity as study partners, is the current market developments and market trends for IT sourcing consulting in Germany. The study shows that in particular the increasing use of cloud solutions presents companies with new challenges regarding the control and management of cloud processes.

Cloud transformation is one of the central technology fields in the context of digital transformation. Like many topics, the Corona pandamic has led to a rethink in many companies and organisations. Whereas in the years before Covid-19, IT infrastructure was mainly moved to the cloud or individual applications were migrated to the cloud via a “lift & shift” approach, IT architectures are now being restructured.

Our IT managers Roland Behr and Torsten Beyer were asked for the study how IT sourcing strategies will look like in the future, what impact the cloud will have on them and what role IT sourcing consultancies will play in this context. The result: There are a lot of things happening, a lot of challenges, but also opportunities are arising from digitalisation and cloud transformation!

Stefan Jaschke, Managing Partner at AXXCON and Nils Conradi, Managing Partner at Affinity, reported in an interview with Lünendonk from the field on current topics and challenges regarding IT strategies and cloud sourcing in the context of digital transformation.

The interview with our Managing Partner Stefan Jaschke and all study results of the Lünendonk Study 2022 on the market for IT sourcing consulting in Germany can be found here:

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(Source: Lünendonk Study 2022)