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Soluvia IT-Service repositions itself

The pressure from energy suppliers on their IT service providers is growing – and this also applies to the Group’s own providers. In order to meet the increased requirements, Soluvia IT-Services GmbH, the IT service provider of the MVV Group, is completely reorganising its structure and processes.

“This is a challenge that many in-house IT service providers in the energy sector are currently facing,” says Stefan Jaschke, Partner at the management consultancy AXXCON. “Energy supply companies are becoming more demanding. They expect more innovative and cost-effective solutions, ask for cloud solutions and want to be at the centre of development as a customer.” Soluvia IT-Services GmbH (SIT for short), the IT service provider of the MVV Group, is reorganising itself with the support of AXXCON in order to be able to meet these requirements in the future. “We have recognised the need to make our working methods more modern, dynamic and efficient,” says Klaus Kunath, Managing Director of SIT. The extensive repositioning that SIT is aiming for includes actively advising its customers in future, focussing more strongly on business and developing new services. SIT has also committed itself to the topic of digitalisation within the Group.

For SIT, this means a fundamental change. Until now, the company, which employs around 190 people at three locations in Mannheim, Offenbach and Kiel, has worked in a rather traditional way and only played an active role in the further development of future topics in some areas. In order to convince the parent companies of the extensive repositioning and to obtain the necessary budget, the management of SIT presented a comprehensive concept for the repositioning in autumn 2020 with the support of management consultants AXXCON. The key points of this concept were a modern matrix organisation with flat hierarchies, standardisation of processes and optimisation of the service portfolio.


Source: Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft (ZfK), February 2024, Issue 2