20240507_AXXCON und E.ON_Cloud

AXXCON supports E.ON in moving to the cloud

The energy company E.ON has implemented an extensive cloudification project in only three years: All data and the majority of applications that were previously hosted in its own data centres were transferred to Microsoft Azure.

E.ON has given itself the task of migrating all existing data to the cloud. The data was previously hosted in data centres. The project, called the “Cloud & Hosting Optimisation Project” or “CHOP” for short, is one of the largest cloudification projects in the world and was carried out in cooperation with Microsoft Azure and the Indian IT service provider Wipro. It involves 70,000 employees and 48 million customers in order to migrate a data volume totalling petabytes and one of the largest SAP systems.

Cloudification is an indispensable step for further digitisation projects at E.ON, without which the immense challenges of the energy transition and the expansion of smart grids cannot be mastered."

The goal is a more reliable and efficient service for suppliers, but also for end customers, who can switch electricity providers more easily or register a solar installation more quickly, for example.

AXXCON is supporting E.ON in one of the biggest cloudifiction programs worldwide. "