We provide high
knowledge values.

If you want to make the difference, you should know
what differences already exist.

We provide high knowledge values.

Wer den Unterschied machen möchte, sollte wissen, welche Unterschiede es schon gibt.

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If there is one thing that drives us in our daily work, it is our curiosity. Because as a management consultancy that is at the heart of one of the most dynamic industries, we need inspiration and new insights like the air we breathe – but also to share. After all, we are always interested in direct dialogue with our clients, other external experts and young talents.

In this section, you will therefore find valuable inspiration in the form of studies, podcasts or contributions from our employees and external experts – always with the aim of capturing a few fresh thoughts and perspectives that enrich, inspire and simply help you move forward. Because in everything we do, we want to make a difference. It can’t hurt to know what differences already exist.


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Blog article

Avoiding process risks when the database suddenly fails

Problem management has always been a particular challenge for IT managers, and as consultants we have yet to meet an organisation that is completely satisfied with its processes in this crucial area. With the migration of many IT services to the cloud and the emergence of hybrid IT, the complexity of this discipline has increased significantly.

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Blog article

Avoiding negative surprises: Cost management in the hybrid IT world

Hybrid IT transformation offers many benefits to organisations, including flexibility, cost savings and transparency. However, the move to the cloud also brings with it the risk of nasty surprises, especially when it comes to cost management. In our fifth blog post on enterprise IT, we look at these challenges and the solutions.

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